My son was undergoing quite a tough time coping up with Physics as part of the CBSE syllabus. We got introduced to Maryiappan sir sometime late just about 8 months prior to the final examination). Mariyappan sir gave a single assurance to not worry and that my son will achieve a definite 90 % and more. And true to his words he actually got my son who had been scoring in red all through his 12th to 91 %. Furthermore, Mariyappan sir created so much of a behavioural change that it was unbelievable - my son got a lot more confident on his knowledge, understood core concepts which in itself got him a lot more success in his other subjects as well.

My second son is now undergoing a jump from 8th to 9th and in the same CBSE - this time we are a little more cautious and we have engaged with Mariyappan sir early.

In summary, Mariyappan sir's approach to educating children, the patience, the depth of knowledge, understanding the current generation child's needs and encouraging the child to achieve their hidden potential are the greatest strengths that he brings - it would be a better education system to have more like him.

My best wishes to anyone who may want to engage with sir and rest assured that the child will come out with flying colours !


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